Why Do I Need an Attorney for a Closing?

It is customary to have an attorney involved early in the purchase and sale transaction.  There are a number of reasons for this. 

In a purchase the buyer may be:

  • Obtaining financing from a bank or mortgage company
  • A first time home buyer with no prior experience with a purchase
  • Coordinating a sale at the same time
  • Terminating a lease in order to buy
  • Needing early access to the new home, or
  • Expecting to use the property for specific purposes in the future

The buyer generally needs advice regarding:

  • Review of offer to purchase, binder, or realtor prepared contract
  • How to negotiate the deal they expect
  • The need for and results of inspections
  • The need for and importance of municipal department records
  • Early stage information regarding encumbrances affecting title, including easements, restrictions, assessment and resale documents and relevance to buyer, or
  • The mortgage process and advice how to best meet timelines and preserve rate lock

In a sale, the seller may be:

  • Coordinating a simultaneous purchase in CT or in another state
  • Selling a property “as is” or with anticipated home inspection issues
  • Needing to resolve any title issues prior to conveying clear title (including unreleased mortgages, or other liens)
  • Needing to resolve outstanding issues with town department(s)

The seller may need advice regarding:

  • How to negotiate the deal they expect
  • The Buyer’s mortgage financing process as it relates to the sale
  • Simultaneous sale and purchase transactions
  • Contract contingencies that must be met prior to the closing
  • What to do to facilitate a smooth closing
  • Resolving any title, contract and/or closing problems that arise
  • Requirements when the seller is not able to attend the closing

For a commercial real estate transaction:

  • Zoning, land use considerations
  • Environmental concerns
  • Lease terms
  • Future expansion potential
  • Deed restrictions, easements and encumbrances
  • State and municipal regulations that pertain to the land, improvements and business

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